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Jessica is a wardrobe stylist and originally born and raised in the one of thee fashion capitols of the world, New York City.

She is a freelance wardrobe stylist, by trade and fashion enthusiast at heart. Jessica currently styles photo shoots for models, and small business owners looking to create an image for their personal brands. This website is used to house all of her past and future styling projects.

You can generally book projects via email. Most clients already have an idea for the vision they want to create for their shoot or public event. Shopaholic Styling Co. is also available for  consultations for those that need a little more help in that department.

For small businesses we offer the creative direction and consulting on brand campaigns needed to make your company successful. If you have specific questions about this we are more than happy to correspond with you.



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Shopaholic Styling Co.
New York, NY
+1 347.676.0669

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